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Support Your Fox Valley Group!

Fox Valley Group

Fox Valley Group

Your local Sierra group wants to keep supporting the environment and our connection to it!

What Are We Currently Working On?

• Monthly Programs
-- Rewilding lands with Beavers
-- Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
-- Recycling and Solid Waste -- recent updates from Outagamie County

• Outings & Service Trips
-- Garlic mustard picking
-- Snowshoeing
-- Hiking
-- Summer picnic

• Conservation Efforts
-- Advocate for mining, land swap and water issues
-- Updates/Involvement on WI Wolf Management Plan
-- PFAs - what are they and what is Wisconsin doing about them

You can help us meet the group's goal of $500! Leave us a message why you care about the Fox Valley Group in the “Words of Encouragement” box. We would love to hear from you!

If you'd like to learn more about what the group is currently doing, check our website at sierraclub.org/wisconsin/fox-valley or find us on Facebook.

Thank you for caring about your local area and wanting to help! The group just celebrated 40 years - thank you for setting the stage for another 40!

Karner Blue Butterfly in Public Hunting Grounds, Green Lake County

Enjoying the day!

Garlic Mustard Pulling


raised of $500 goal


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