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2023 Tar Sands Team

2023 Tar Sands Team

Wanting to protect and preserve nature and Wisconsin’s special places is something we all support – and we’re alarmed when they are threatened. Lake Superior and the surrounding ecosystems, which support a huge diversity of life in many forms, are a great example. This is especially true for the Bad River Band, whose way of life, culture and spiritual connections are innately tied to the lands and waters adjoining Lake Superior.

This is all threatened by Enbridge’s tar sands Line 5 pipeline, which crosses northern Wisconsin and traverses the Bad River Band’s territory, and where an oil spill could devastate the entire watershed. Line 5 is seven decades old, posing added risks, including to Tribes’ treaty rights and impacts to our warming climate. What’s more, this pipeline has been operating illegally for 10 years, when Enbridge’s permits to operate on Bad River land expired, and which the Band has refused to renew. Enbridge has proposed a reroute around the reservation that would not eliminate the risks.

Our tar sands team has been working to stop tar sands pipelines for many years, and we’re supporting the Bad River Band’s efforts to shut down the pipeline. We helped collect over 32,000 comments to the Department of Natural Resources last year opposing the reroute and asking that the pipeline be stopped. But it’s not enough - yet. Your support is needed to help us continue the battle and win the war against dirty oil by:

Raising awareness about Enbridge’s terrible safety record, and encouraging President Biden to shut down Line 5

Engaging in regulatory, media and local organizing work to put an end to Line 5

Supporting the Bad River Band and bringing people to events to highlight the dangers of this pipeline

Working with other groups and communities to protect lands and waters at risk of tar sands spills

Doing all this outreach and getting people to events in northern Wisconsin requires resources, but we are determined to see this through and achieve success. That’s why we’ve set an even higher goal this year for our team to raise $1000. A win here would be a major win for all of us, a signal that the rights of our indigenous people matter, and that the earth and our future come first. Your generous donation to help us achieve or even beat that goal will mean that you succeed when we succeed.

To learn more about our chapter, go to sierraclub.org/wisconsin, and look under Issues for more information about our tar sands fight. And for opportunities to get involved, go to sierraclub.org/wisconsin/volunteer.

Thanks so much! Onward!

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