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2023 Beyond Coal To Clean Energy

2023 Beyond Coal to Clean Energy

What world do you want for your future and to leave your children and grandchildren? No doubt you have friends and family you care about, and places you love and want to save and continue to enjoy - and you understand the dire risks of climate change.

Our Beyond Coal team strives to limit climate change impacts and provide a livable future for people and our planet. We’ve already helped shut down coal plants in Wisconsin, but we’re now faced with utility proposals to build polluting and expensive new fossil (aka “natural”) gas plants and other gas infrastructure. We’re doing everything we can to not let that happen!

This year too, several utilities filed rate cases with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission proposing to do away with or undermine programs that help make solar more affordable for homeowners and businesses, as well as increase rates. Your donation today will help support our work to push back on theses utilities’ misguided efforts.

We’ve also been at the forefront of fighting for energy justice and more affordable utility bills. Energy, a basic necessity, has become increasingly unaffordable, with far too many people paying 6%, 10%, or more of their income for their utility bills. We’re organizing with impacted communities to advocate for customer friendly policies and programs that will keep the lights on and ensure energy is available and affordable for everyone.

Your support will help us expand our efforts to counter and thwart utility’s backward-looking plans, and advocate for cheaper and environmentally friendly clean and renewable energy solutions. Our Beyond Coal team has set a goal of $1050 this year – your donation will help us get there. And sharing this link with friends and family can help us exceed that goal and help keep our planet livable.

For more information about our chapter and our campaigns, go to sierraclub.org/wisconsin, or for opportunities to join us and get involved, go to sierraclub.org/wisconsin/volunteer.

Thank you so much for caring!

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